Richlawn EZ Green Turf Grass Blend

Colorado’s Premium Turf Grass Seed Blend

Richlawn EZ Green turf blend is a fast germinating, low maintenance mix of three exceptional cool season turf varieties that excel in Colorado’s semi-arid climate. As an added feature, this blend is naturally resistant to insects and NRS (necrotic ring spot).

On new turf areas, the addition of organic material (3-4 cubic yards per 1,000 sq ft) and tilling to a depth of 6″ will greatly enhance the ability of the turf to develop a thick root system, which will save water and the reduce the incidence of weeds.

Benefits of Richlawn EZ Green Turf Blend:

  • Blended for Colorado’s front range lawns
  • Beautiful dard green color
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Heat and cold tolerant
  • Resistant to necrotic ring spot
  • Enhanced with endophytes for insect resistance
  • Superior density
  • Advanced wear tolerance
  • Excels with low maintenance

Richlawn EZ Green Turf Blend contains:

58.78% Kokomo Perennial Ryegrass
29.39% Serengeti Tall Fescue
9.89% Baron Kentucky Bluegrass
1.94% Inert

Seeding Rate:

New lawns – 3lbs per 500 sq ft
Overseeding Rate – 3lbs per 1,000 sq ft.

NEW:  Richlawn Pro Turf – Colorado’s Best Turf Blend 

Richlawn Pro-Turf grass seed blend is a low-maintenance mixture that combines the best attributes of four exceptional seed varieties.  Together they form a thick, dense turf with a massive root system.  This is the ideal combination of grass seed variety for a beautiful, durable and healthy Colorado lawn.For more information download the pdf – Richlawn Pro Turf

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