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Where can I buy your grass seed mix and other products?

On the “Dealer Locator” page on our website, you can select the product you are looking for and the city. It will tell you the closest garden center to you that carries the grass seed mix. Thanks for your interest, and thank you for writing in.

Does your Richlawn Turf Food get old or expire?

Richlawn Turf Food does not expire or lose its effectiveness as long as it remains dry and granulated. It is important to store it where it does not get moisture or it will cake up and render it unusable in the fertilizer spreader.

Hi. I have two small dogs, and I am trying to find a fertilizer that will green my lawn and present no danger to my dogs. How long would I have to wait before letting my dogs walk on the grass after fertilizing it?

Any of the Richlawn products can be used on your lawn and are safe for pets to be on the grass right after application. Follow the label directions and water the turf fertilizer in and once it’s dry, the dogs can romp about. Unlike some fertilizers that contain herbicides or fungicides, Richlawn is organic-based and does not contain harmful attributes

I recently laid new bluegrass sod and want to know which of your products to use as a starter fertilizer. Thanks.

Because of their organic components, any of our fertilizers are safe to use on new turf. Because of the added iron, and the time of year, I would recommend Pro-Rich which is available at all independent garden centers and many ACE Hardware stores on the Colorado front range

I just planted your E-Z Green Colorado Premium Turf Blend, how tall should the grass be before the first cutting?

Once the grass has germinated and starts to fill in, let it grow to a height of 3 inches or more, then carefully mow to remove only one-third of the grass leaf blades (the height of the lawn should be around 2- 1/2 to 3 inches tall). This will also mow any annual weeds that often accompany a newly seeded lawn. At each mowing it is important to only remove one-third of the leaf blade to avoid stressing the grass. During the growing season it will start to thicken and develop into a nice, uniform lawn.

I'm interested in doing my own fertilization this year. Overwhelmed with how to proceed. Will you assist me which of your products should be used when? Also, do you recommend a drop or broadcast spreader?

I would recommend our Pro-Rich Turf Food. It has a higher nitrogen content which is ideal to get the lawn off to a healthy start. We have a fertilizer reminder that we send out over the season as the time comes for the next application. You can sign up for it on our website. As to the spreader, the type whether it is a drop or broadcast doesn’t really matter. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

I love Richlawn Turf Food and use it 4 times a year. My grass is due for its first feeding and it's too early to turn on the sprinkler system. If I put down the Turf Food around 5 pm and it doesn't start raining/snowing until 7 am the next day, will the Turf Food burn my turf?

No. It could remain on your lawn for several days before receiving water and it would not burn. The organic components we use are very safe.

I recently moved to the Denver area from Michigan. I have always been a Scott's fertilizer, but some of my neighbors told me I should switch to your Richlawn Pro-Rich. Why should I do that?

Because our soils are very different than other parts of the U.S., more alkaline and lacking in organic matter, fertilizers can make a difference in how plants respond. National brands are okay, but lack some of the micronutrients that are needed in our regional soil conditions. Richlawn fertilizers are formulated for the Rocky Mountain Region, plus they are organic-based and overall will help improve the structure of our alkaline, clay soils.

I only use Richlawn Turf Food 10-2-5 plus Iron on my lawn. Are the grass clippings safe to use in my garden and compost bin?

Richlawn products are organic-based and the grass clippings can be safely recycled back into the garden, or if you have a compost pile, please use them in light layers combined with other organic components. It is a great way to make use of the nitrogen and put it back into the garden and for other soil improvement.

I am planning to apply Richlawn Turf Food, but possible snow and colder temperatures are expected. Is it safe to apply your product under these conditions?

It is perfectly safe and ideal to apply Richlawn organic-based lawn fertilizer prior to moisture. Cold temperatures will not inhibit the effect of the fertilizer. If you can, core-aerate the lawn prior to fertilizing so the nutrients will filter down into the soil and increase assimilation.

I have 3/4 of a bag of lawn food remaining. Can I use it as winterize?

Yes, you can. Fall is the most important fertilization of the year, and it’s a good opportunity to use up fertilizer that’s on hand. You can start fresh in the spring.

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