Gro-Rich Super Bone Meal

Formula: 4 – 15 – 0 100 % Organic & 100% safe product derived from bone meal. Our formula offers nitrogen not found in traditional bone meals due to the process used in acquiring the bone meal.

Benefits of using Gro-Rich Super Bone Meal:

  • Gro-Rich Super Bone Meal offers a 100% organic source of phosphorous and nitrogen ideal for planting bulbs and transplantings of all types.
  • Production: Gro-Rich Super Bone Meal will produce healthier plants with thicker stems and more blooms.


  • Gro-Rich Super Bone Meal comes in a 15 # resealable package so that it can be used as needed without spilling when not in use.


  • Safe for Children, Pets and the Environment.

For optimum results use with Gro-Rich Garden Soil Mix at planting time.